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L'Epoque conradienne - volume 34

Nathalie Martinière - 2009

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In this volume of L’Epoque Conradienne are published most of the papers presented during the 2006 Limoges Conference entitled « Femininity, a privilege – not feminism, an attitude »*. The “feminine” in Joseph Conrad’s fictions: from ideology to a poetics of heterogeneity. Colleagues from France, Britain, Poland, Norway, South Africa and Canada offered new light on Conrad’s position on the question of the feminine – a question which took a new turn at the beginning of the 20th century, when Modernism modified the perception of gender divisions.
A majority of articles deal with the question of clichés and stereotypes and the way Conrad allows the emergence of new representations of gendered identities and of a sexualized worldview – characteristics not often associated with Conrad’s fiction. Several also tackle the question of the relationship between patriarchy and imperialism: does his critical approach to imperialism address or obliterate the question of patriarchy?
Finally, all tend to prove that there is definitely a place for feminist criticism and the question of feminine writing in Conradian studies – pointing out that our reading of Conrad’s fiction is modified if we scrutinize “femininity” (the “privilege”) with the tools of the “attitude”, “feminism”. Such approaches pave the way for a further exploration of that field.


Portraits of Women: Working with Clichés

Christine TEXIER-VANDAMME : A Gaze, a Voice and a Body of One’s Own: Conrad’s ‘The Return’ and Chéreau’s Gabrielle

Brygida PUDEŁKO : Female Portrayals in Conrad’s Under Western Eyes and Turgenev’s On the Eve and Virgin Soil

Yannick LE BOULICAUT : Mrs Travers : a Female Harlequin ?

Ludmilla VOITKOVSKA: Drawn into Liminal Space: Conrad’s Women in Love

Katherine Isobel BAXTER : Chance, Gender and Laughter

Clémence BOURGUIGNON : Les fiancées de Kurtz ou l’Harmonie remise en question

Michel AROUIMI : « Les failles du Mythe : au-delà du féminin »

Challenging Genders
Jeremy HAWTHORN : Feminine ships, feminized men, and masculine women: the displaced challenge to gender binaries in Joseph Conrad’s fiction

Nathalie MARTINIÈRE :  “Women [...] are out of it – should be out of it”: giving birth in Conrad’s fiction

The Linguistics of Gender
Véronique PAULY : Lines of Influence and Lines of Distance: Overdetermination and Incompleteness in Victory

Gail FINCHAM : Shame, Guilt and Patriarchy: Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim and J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace

Patriarchy & Imperialism
Myrtle HOOPER : Freya’s Arms

Christophe ROBIN : The Traces of the Feminine in Lord Jim

The Conrad Conference at the Polish Library in Paris 12-23 June 2007
Conference in Crakow September 22-24, 2007




Collection L'époque conradienne
Année de publication 2009
Langue Anglais
ISBN10 2-84287479-7
ISBN13 9782842874797
Format Livre broché
Pages 212
Discipline Littérature

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