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L’Époque Conradienne Volume 39 - The Unexpected in Joseph Conrad’s Fiction

Nathalie Martinière (dir.) - 2015

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“It is always the unexpected that happens”, Marlow muses in Lord Jim. In Conrad’s texts, the unexpected is at least disruptive, often traumatic. A trivial object, an insignificant event or character crops up, and the course of reality is undone. The symbolic order is shaken at its roots, the truth is glimpsed. One occurence of the unexpected won’t make the protagonist wiser, however, there is no ready-made answer. How does Conrad’s fiction deal with the contingent, the traumatic ? If we follow Giorgio Agamben’s argument that the contemporary writer always takes us by surprise, how does Conrad remain our contemporary in this respect ?


This volume contains papers presented during the 12th ESSE Conference in Kosice, Slovakia (29 August-2 September 2014) and on presented during the Roma Tre Conference (July 2013).



- Shame, the Contingent and the Traumatic in “Falk”

Claude Maisonnat

- The Ultimate Measure of a Man in Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Conrad’s “The Warrior’s Soul”

Brygida Pudelko

- “It shouldn’t have been like that…” Between the Reasons and the Results : Unexpected Consequences of Protagonists’ Concious Choices in Conrad’s Fiction

Joanna Skolik

- Exploring the Unexpected with Marlow in Lord Jim

Nathalie Martinière

- Catastrophe, Catharsis, Catalysis in Lord Jim

Josiane Paccaud-Huguet

- The Unexpected as Magic in “Karain : A Memory”

Wieslaw Krajka

- Hearing and seeing Cosas de Costaguana : Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo

Gail Fincham


Collection Société Conradienne Française
Année de publication 2015
Langue Anglais
ISBN10 2-84287-668-5
ISBN13 9782842876685
Format Livre broché
Pages 92
Discipline Etudes anglophones

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