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L'Époque Conradienne - volume 40 - Terra incognita: The Feminine in Joseph Conrad's Works: Borders and Boundaries

Nathalie Martinière (dir.) - 2017

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The papers published in this volume were first given at a one-day international conference, held at the Université Jean Moulin-Lyon3 on December 12, 2014. It was hosted jointly by the Société Conradienne Française and the Institute for Transtextual and Transcultural Studies (I.E.T.T., a Lyon 3 research center) and was organized as a follow-up to the 2006 conference in Limoges entitled: “‘Feminity, a privilege – not feminism, an attitude’: the ‘feminine’ in Joseph Conrad’s fiction: from ideology to a poetics of heterogeneity”.

Building on the ideas addressed during this conference, which included notions of stereotypes and the way in which Conradian fiction brings to light new gender representations and explores the link between patriarchy and imperialism, the Lyon conference invited participants to further investigate the relationship between the feminine, ideology, politics and aesthetics, examining the nature of the borders that separate or link these different territories, as well as the border between the masculine and the feminine.


- Terra Incognita: the feminine in Joseph Conrad’s works – Borders and boundaries (Catherine Delesalle-Nancey)

- Fiancées and Wives in Conrad’s Fiction (Robert Hampson)

- Jewel to Lena: How and Why the female Protagonist Ended Up Stealing the (Tragic) Scene in Conrad’s Novels (Richard Ambrosini)

- Eating Out: Conrad, Food, and Gender (Padmini Mongia)

- Marlow, Jewel, the Intended:  Conrad’s “strange uneasy” romances (Josiane Paccaud-Huguet)

- Playing with gender stereotypes in Chance (Nathalie Martinière)

- The Defeat of Feminine Desire  in “Freya of the Seven Isles”:  Courtly Love, Sublimation, Melancholy (Claude Maisonnat)

- The Feminine in “The Tale”:  a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma (Annick Drösdal-Levillain)

- “Amy Foster, c’est moi”:  Fostering the Child of Fiction in Conrad’s “Amy Foster” (Catherine Delessale-Nancey)

- Conrad’s Poetics: An Aristotelian Reading of Heart of Darkness (Nic Panagopoulos)

- Joseph Conrad: The Secret Sharer and Other Stories John G. Peters ed.

- Jeunesse (Youth)

- Conrad’s Footprints  Lublin Conference – June 2016

- The Study Tour in Ukraine  June 24 - 29 2016





Collection L'Époque Conradienne
Année de publication 2017
Langue Français
ISBN10 2-84287-753-8
ISBN13 9782842877538
Format Livre broché
Pages 169
Discipline Etudes anglophones

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