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L’Époque Conradienne volume 41 -Transnational Conrad

Nathalie Martinière (dir.) - 2019

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Conrad was an experimenter, playing with forms, genres, narrative modes, literary conventions, on which a transnational approach sheds a new light, underlining aspects of his texts like the presence of a variety of languages, cultures, genres, traditions or his ideological ambiguity.

It is such an approach that motivated the international conference in Limoges (France) held on 21-22 September, 2017. Contributors to this volume of L’Epoque Conradienne have considered Conrad and his works from a transnational perspective in order to explore how we read them both as aesthetic and ethical artefacts nowadays, and why we find the questions they broach so often so close to us.


Sommaire :


- Between Texts and Theory: Transnational Conrad (Nathalie Martinière)


I – Conrad as « English writer »  and Transnational Author


- Joseph Conrad:  Transnational Identity in the Fictions of Empire (Linda Dryden)


- ‘Books may be written in all sorts of places’: Conrad’s Transnational Beginnings (Robert Hampson)


- 1894: Joseph Conrad’s Annus Mirabilis (Richard Ambrosini)


- Cosmopolitan Conrad: Moving Between Cultures in “Karain” and Lord Jim (Carola M. Kaplan)


- Transnational Language and Transitional Narrative Style in Conrad’s “Karain” (Tania Zulli)


- Blank Spaces and Hollow Men: Determinate Absences and Absent Determinants  in Conrad’s Fiction (Jeremy Hawthorn)


II – Multidisciplinary Approaches


- Accommodating Space, Time, and Culture: Reading across Cultures and Colonialism in the Hotels of Conrad’s Asian Fiction (Andrew Francis)


- Domesticity, Food, and Gender in “Falk” (Padmini Mongia)


- The Transnational Language of Dreams in Conrad’s Fiction (Josiane Paccaud)


- Burns’ Burst of Laughter: ‘The Shadow-Line’ between the Arts (Kaoru Yamamoto)


III – Joseph Conrad,  a Contemporany Icon


- Joseph Conrad and the Vietnam War Literature: Intertextuality, Transnationality and Nationality (Ewa Kujawska-Lis)



- Representing Conrad in European Graphic Narratives (Riccardo Capoferro)





Collection L’Époque Conradienne
Année de publication 2019
Langue Français
ISBN10 2-84287-731-6
ISBN13 9782842877316
Format Livre broché
Pages 176
Discipline Etudes anglophones

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