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L’Époque Conradienne volume 42 -Transnational Conrad

Nathalie Martinière (dir.) - 2019

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This volume contains papers given during the international conference “Transnational Conrad: between Texts and Theory” held in Limoges (France) on 21-22 September, 2017.

It complements the articles published in volume 41.

Two more articles, also related with transnational questions, are also included in this issue.


I - Heart of Darkness in a multi-cultural world


- Conrad’s Heart of Darkness under Oriental Eyes (Malika REBAI MAAMRI)


- A Third Eye:  Reading Conrad in Light of/in Spite of Achebe (Christopher CAIRNEY)


- Striving after Something with or without Substance: A Close Reading of Joseph Conrad’s  Heart of Darkness (Xin Xin ZHAO)


II - Multidisciplinary approaches


- Reversing the “False Effect of Silence” and Repression in Lord Jim (Christie GRAMM)


- Lord Jim: Always “the Unexpected" (Yoko OKUDA"


- “Seeking a new form”:  Conrad’s Author’s Notes and the Art of the Novel (Marina LOPS)


III - Varia


- “An Anarchist” as Semiotic Tragedy (Patrick TOURCHON)


- Stereotypes of Russia in Joseph Conrad’s  Under Western Eyes (Ludmilla VOITKOWSKA)




Collection L’Époque Conradienne
Année de publication 2019
Langue Anglais
ISBN10 2-84287-739-2
ISBN13 9782842877392
Format Livre broché
Pages 145
Discipline Etudes anglophones

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